BNS 是一間專業醫學藍光美白潔齒中心,率先引入美國最新美白牙齒科研技術,採用專利納米美白產品,配合嶄新藍光導入技術,只需30分鐘便可以完成整個療程,絕無副作用及損傷,安全可靠,有效達到亮白及護齒的理想效果。對於長期抽煙及經常喝紅酒、咖啡或茶類飲品人士,絕對是一個喜訊。

BNS is a professional blue light teeth whitening center. We have first imported the newest teeth whitening technology from USA. Our center uses the patented NWFTM products. With the assistance of the newest blue light beamer technology, you can have two rows of sparkling white teeth within 30 minutes, without any side effect and damage. For those who are frequent smokers or always drinking red wine, coffee or tea products, our technology can absolutely help you